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Why Postcards and Pictures? 

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to travel. I love driving with a passion and rather than playing with dolls as a little girl I remember "driving a bus" with a hula-hoop steering wheel - a pink one ;) 

But I've not always been brave and adventurous. As much as I wanted to travel I had this idea that I would be alone in a foreign country, shrivel up and die of loneliness. Not exactly my idea of adventure. Then I thought that maybe I will wait to meet someone special and we'll do it together,but when I reached thirty and there was still no knight in shining armor on the horizon I realized that there was no more time for being afraid anymore. Life was for living now.  

Strangely it was then that opportunities to travel started presenting itself and around 32 I found myself packing up my life and boarding a plane to America - the last place on earth I ever thought I'd be - and I was doing it all by myself. Instead of being afraid it was the adventure of my life, just the way I had always imagined it should be! 

Since then I've had the opportunity to see some of Kansas, New York City, Pennsylvania and Colorado and I fell in love with the country I never even expected to see (other than in the movies, of course ;)

This blog is the postcards and the pictures of the places that I've been, the experiences that I've been privileged to have, the lessons I've learned, etc. I've grown in leaps and bounds on this journey and I'm hungry for more. It is true: everytime you overcome a fear greater possibilities open up to you, and boy! once you've touched the fire you can never live in the smoke again. A mind that has been stretched can never return to its former shape.

As much as I try to take really cool pictures, I also want to show things through my eyes - some things that you don't find in tourist brochures and catalogs. As much as I want it to be snazzy, I want it to be real - for you, the reader to experience some things with me that perhaps otherwise you would never have seen or known about. I'm hoping that such an experience is exactly what you'll find here. Welcome! (...Oh, and please feel free to share you thoughts and experiences. I'd love to hear from you :D

A little bit about me:

I'm a talker who loves to write. If you ask me I usually have an opinion. I love being creative, learning new things - especially things that I find interesting. I enjoy photography, reading, music, traveling, coffee with friends, writing and riding my mountain bike. 

I don't quit, I can be stubborn as hell, I firmly believe in following your heart and I love laughter! I love to inspire people. If you give me a problem I want to find a solution. I don't believe we ever, ever arrive in life. I'm crazy about visible results and I believe where there is a will there is a way! 

I listen to what others have to say, but I make my own decisions. I believe in being a woman of character and her kingdom is often found upstream; not in "going with the flow". I'm not a trend follower. I do as I please :) I'm a dreamer and I'm finding myself in my thirties; I have often considered myself a late bloomer, but I like where I am right now! 

I have no patience with selfish people or bullshitters and hypocrites, and those who like to manipulate, seeking only their own interest, don't like me much. I believe it is wise to take calculated risks. I can be somewhat perfectionistic, I'm analytic and pay close attention to detail. 

I think it is rude to ignore people - maybe even cowardice. How we behave often says more about us than it does about another; I try to pay close attention. Life always have consequences: therefore THINK!

Finally, I invite you to make generous use of the comments section after each post. One of the greatest parts of any journey is the conversation that happens along the way.

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