Saturday, January 28, 2012

Travelling and thinking in Detroit

(I almost forgot that I wrote this...)

I think I have perfected the art of being long winded but today I’m trying something a little different. I’m sitting in the airport terminal in Detroit, US and killing time; It is just over two hours before we’re due to depart for Amsterdam. My laptop has to run on battery power so I’m thinking let’s not spend it all in one go, uh? 

A few random thoughts hot off the press...

I haven’t mastered the art of travelling light. I either pack too little or too much. The irony is that when I’ve packed too little, I needed what I didn’t bring. In the same way, when I’ve packed too much, I haven’t needed it; go figure! I suspect Murphy has invited himself to the party…

On this particular trip using the bathroom is like booking into a hotel and I have to find a cubicle that is big enough to fit me, my carry on suitcase, my laptop, my pillow and all 4 coats and jackets. I’ve dressed somewhat in layers, you see, for the items that did not fit into my luggage, yet cannot be left behind. You’re not suppose to leave any luggage unattended but when there’s just one of you and that one needs to use the bathroom there isn’t exactly anyone else to keep an eye, is there? Usually I don’t mind travelling alone but as I fight my way to the porcelain throne I wish I was a twin. Why can’t this just be home and I could pack light to visit South Africa? I’d much rather prefer that.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It is official: I used to be... or am I?...

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It is official: I am indecisive. (Doesn't the picture just say it all? :) )

In December 2011 I - don't ask me what - and decided to give my blog a face lift, including changing the name. At the time I was pretty impressed (chuffed) with myself, but in the end it would seem that most people actually preferred Yadayadafishpaste to Postcardsandpictures. Why do I say this? Well, I've had over 800 hits on the old blog (Yadayada) which had NO posts on it, except for a notification of the change to the new blog; a mere skeleton of what it used to be. 

I don't know whether the term "yada yada fish paste" is searched for by Internet users more often than "postcards" or "pictures" but it would seem that something is not working. So I've decided to revert to what seems to work. The idea is that people read your blog, not so?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abilene: The queen of Kansas cowtowns

I've just recently finished reading Homespun Bride by author Jillian Hart. Even though it is a story set in Montana territory - instead of Kansas - it is still 1883, the same era in which the town of Abilene has also existed; an era of horses and buggies, corsets and canopies and - naturally - heroic, handsome cowboys.

In an era where horsepower is associated with fast cars, corsets with Victoria's secret, canopies is an extinct fashion statement and more damsels are insisting on being their own savior it can be a little difficult to imagine the scenes of such a book. Having visited the town of Abilene in north-central Kansas has helped me a lot. If you're into reading books from that era it might just help you too ;) Either way, it's a interesting little place to visit!

Take a trip down memory lane with me... 1875...

Can't you just hear the hooves of horses and wooden wheels of buggies rolling in the dirt?