Saturday, January 28, 2012

Travelling and thinking in Detroit

(I almost forgot that I wrote this...)

I think I have perfected the art of being long winded but today I’m trying something a little different. I’m sitting in the airport terminal in Detroit, US and killing time; It is just over two hours before we’re due to depart for Amsterdam. My laptop has to run on battery power so I’m thinking let’s not spend it all in one go, uh? 

A few random thoughts hot off the press...

I haven’t mastered the art of travelling light. I either pack too little or too much. The irony is that when I’ve packed too little, I needed what I didn’t bring. In the same way, when I’ve packed too much, I haven’t needed it; go figure! I suspect Murphy has invited himself to the party…

On this particular trip using the bathroom is like booking into a hotel and I have to find a cubicle that is big enough to fit me, my carry on suitcase, my laptop, my pillow and all 4 coats and jackets. I’ve dressed somewhat in layers, you see, for the items that did not fit into my luggage, yet cannot be left behind. You’re not suppose to leave any luggage unattended but when there’s just one of you and that one needs to use the bathroom there isn’t exactly anyone else to keep an eye, is there? Usually I don’t mind travelling alone but as I fight my way to the porcelain throne I wish I was a twin. Why can’t this just be home and I could pack light to visit South Africa? I’d much rather prefer that.

I haven’t eaten anything yet today and I think my blood sugar is getting low. I can tell because my hand is shaking. I ordered a sandwich deluxe of some sort and I’m rather pleased as the waiter put the plate in front of me. The sandwich is so stacked with ingredients that they use a skewer to hold everything together. Wait a minute… a skewer? How am I supposed to bite into this? Oh well, everyone else will just have to look the other way today. I'm hungry! 

Triple decker with 3 meats, tomato, cheese and
lettuce on a skewer; I was impressed!
As I clutch the lot firmly between my fingers I realize that my sandwich has a heartbeat – is it my thumb or my index finger, I wonder, but before I can figure it out, it’s gone – the sandwich and the heartbeat.

I hope you don’t take offence, Mr Waiter, but please realize that every one dollar tip is eight bucks per dollar converted. There is no way for him to know that, of course…

On the way from Kansas to Detroit I sat next to an interesting young man – a college student, studying to be a science teacher. I’ve never considered teaching to be a high end career but times have changed. Today good teachers are in demand around the world. It could open doors of opportunity for you to travel the globe. Anyway, I enjoyed his company and we talked about a wide variety of topics, amongst which religion. He showed me that he had just had the serenity prayer tattooed on the lower part of his ribs to the left side. It looked painful! Whereas I’ve often heard people say – especially amongst Christians – to look up (as a means of saying to rely on God -  something greater than yourself) I suppose it will be in order for this lad to look down.

I just recently finished a book titled The Mile High Guy by Marisa Mackle. I can’t help but think about it as I carefully observe the flight attendants. The author used to be an air hostess. (Note to self: check what the difference is between flight attendant and air hostess.) Her book reminded me of some stand up comedians: they speak the truth candidly and everyone laughs but in all reality they are speaking truths that others often think but dare not utter. Yes, perhaps it is funny, but it is also true. I’m sure the lady had woven much truth into her novel and I wonder how much of it is fiction and how much not. I think one thing is for sure: I will probably not view an air hostess quite the same (naive) way ever again.

If home is where the heart is, then what the hell am I doing at this airport..?

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