Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old McDonald has a farm

I've been in transition for - what feels like - forever, but I've also learned a lot. One thing I've learned is that, when you look through the eyes of a tourist, you see many things with new eyes and when you look through a lens you can find a good picture almost anywhere. So I've resolved to look through the lens with the eyes of a tourist.

I've never been much of a farm "gal" but I find myself enjoying the animal sounds, especially at night. When I close my eyes and listen to the bullfrogs I imagine that I'm in a bungalow at a beautiful holiday resort somewhere, and during the daytime I've taken a few beautiful pictures of the animals. 

Right now my life is literally a journey and I'm trying not to miss one moment of it. So here's a few of those moments :)

This is the view looking out of the back door. 
And when you look out of the front door; the most fuel efficient lawn mowers I've ever seen (and not so noisy ;)
Curious lawn mowers, though ha-ha
The male geese seems to stretch their necks and raise their beaks in this way when they try to intimidate  or defend. I found it very amusing the other day when they were doing it with the car; a fine example of confidence and courage!
Mufasa and Tammy. Mufasa - the big one - has the most beautiful heart. There's several pups on the property right now and he is like a real big brother. He rolls over and plays, patiently laying still while they jump on his belly and in his face - like a big kid - but the animals respect him. When I arrived the other day the geese were all over the driveway. Mufasa heard me and came running, chasing the geese out of the way. Then he came running, rolling over and wanting his belly to be patted and rubbed. He was very impressed with himself. I've never seen something like that before. Heart warming, sweet :) 
 Then, of course there's a few more photographic moments:

I added some effects to this picture and what I love about it is that the ladder in the background looks like wall graffiti. I love it!
Then, of course, there's the real wall and the real ladder... Beautiful! (even if I say so myself ;)
I am crazy about the "big screen" look! Oh wait! I also love movies. ha-ha Maybe the two are related? It's been a very fruitful season; we have about two hens with small chicks and one (I think) with "adolescent" chicks. That's what I'm calling them anyway :D They remind me of children around 10 or 11 years old. We also have several lambs - I'm yet to get a good pic of one of those - and the dogs have had a puppy too. The young one has barely been weaned and he's already chasing the sheep around. Now I'm not so sure what to think of the sheep... ha-ha
Mrs Hen and chicks - naturally - gorgeous :)
One thirsty goose... literally. Pity that the water drop just above his eye is not more prominent :( but a pretty picture still :)
When I'm stressed out I battle to be creative, so when I see the creativity I realize just how far I've come and I'm grateful for the journey. For those of you who have been reading me: I hope you're enjoying the journey with me :) Remember to share your thoughts; I'd love to hear them!

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