Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All about the animals (and some have fur)

I did not sleep well last night. It was a battle of survival of the fittest and the mosquito won; yes. "the", implying one! #hangmyheadinshame :( I've tried everything I can think of - with exception of poison. I have a parrot, you see, and their sense of smell is more sensitive than a humans. People can say what they want about "odourless" insect spray - I still smell it the same way as the normal brand - even hours after it has been sprayed. I just can't help it: my brain keeps yelling, "You're smelling poison! You're smelling poison!" How can I ignore such a sensible warning? "Odourless" my behind, pff... #eyesrolling

I have tried a repellent that you use on your skin. I think it has certainly helped to prevent the little buggers from landing and feasting - and I still seem to wake up in the same place I fell asleep; I'm clearly too heavy for a take-away - but the odd one seems to be more interested in being an irritating menace rather than having a meal, and so the games begin! That one little "brave heart" literally gets in my face (eyes, nose, ears), and sometimes it lasts all night. Ugh!! AAARRRGGG!!! Whatever!

Let's make one thing clear: I need my beauty sleep - at least eight hours of it - thank you very much! If something (or someone) deprived me of it, things - and I - can get a little ugly sometimes. This morning was no exception ;)

My initial enthusiasm - impressed with myself being out and about early, especially considering not having rested enough - quickly faded when I spot it on the ground behind the car: 

 Someone has got a hold of my shoe and turned it into a used to be... :( I'm squinting and trying to find that silver lining... NOPE, I don't see it yet! (Which brings me to...)

I haven't decided whether I care about "dead or alive" yet.

And as if that was not enough, I was heading out to deal with a Government Organisation; raise your hand if you've had such an encounter. You can start feeling sorry for me just about now. Well, that's what I would usually say, but I was overwhelmed with joy when the lady handed me exactly what I asked for yesterday - yes! yesterday. I could kiss her. I was in and out in ten minutes. WOW!

I even had a crash course in how to drive like a taxi in the city CBD. I kept insisting, pointing with my finger to the two traffic department vehicles parked to my left, but he insisted he would make traffic stop for me - "trust me - no problem!" - just so that I could slip into a parking spot right in front of the building. They stopped, alright, and I didn't even get a fine! (Sometimes when you can't find the silver lining on a cloud, you have to find a different cloud.)

Now it is time to go to bed. Bubbles obviously does not agree...

This is him peeking out from under the blanket that covers his cage at bed time ;) "Bed time?" nah-uh! "PLAY time!"

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