Thursday, February 9, 2012

Puppy Love Collection

Every now and again I take a look back at the photographs that I took when I just started out with my camera roughly eighteen months ago. I love seeing how I've grown in photography. I've also enjoyed seeing how the subject matter changes as I try to figure out what kind of photographer I am exactly. Some people are good at weddings, portraits, babies, etc., while others try to (or have) perfect(ed) wild life, nature, sunsets and so on. 

What is it exactly that I want to do? I can't tell yet but I can say this: I want to capture beauty. Hopefully that shows in whatever I photograph.

If you recall from my previous post (Old McDonald has a farm) I made mention of what a fruitful season it's been with all the young ones running around, including the dogs. At the time I didn't yet have any really nice photo's of the pups but I've taken a few since that I feel very proud of indeed! I call these my Puppy Love Collection. One or two of these are Hallmark Card quality, I'm sure ;) Enjoy!

Do you like to take photographs? Is there anything in specific that you have a special liking/passion for, or a natural feel/eye for? And what in a photograph makes you look twice; how do you define 'beauty'? 

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