Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Voice

I first saw The Voice advertised on American television just over six months ago and immediately decided that it was something I wanted to watch and follow. I was unable to do it then, but it is currently broadcast in South Africa. I caught the tail end of the first competition, but tonight they are scouting the contestants for the second one.

I don't know all the ins and outs, but in essence it is four singing coaches that each build a team of twelve contestants who are then shaped and mentored by the coaches and competing against each other for a recording contract and the title of The Voice.

The coaches are four very accomplished, Grammy Award nominated and Grammy Award winning artists: Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5), Christina Aguilera (recording artist and actress), Cee-Lo Green (singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer) and Blake Shelton (American country music artist).

Here's what I love about this competition (that I did not know before): they are actually interested in the voice first rather than "judging a book by its cover" - outward appearance. They cannot be swayed by a sexy girl who is half naked and provocative, neither by a guy who looks like a singer, smells like a singer, but has a second rate voice. What you see can make a huge impact on what catches your attention.

What happens is that the four coaches sit in big, broad back chairs with a red button - back to the stage. The contestant performs their song and purely based on listening to it, the coach hits the red button should they be interested in adding that person to their 12-contestant team. Only at that point does their chair spin around and do they see what the person looks like. Should more than one coach push their button, the choice shifts to the contestant which coach's team he or she would prefer to be on. How cool is that!

Even I was only listening from the kitchen at times, making dinner, and even I had to walk up to the television and see for myself a few times. I've heard a few impressive voices. I think this is going to be a very interesting competition indeed! (I don't know how the judging process works yet.)

It's indeed all about The Voice. 

Before I thought that I would enjoy this competition; now I know!

Do you enjoy watching this kind of competition? If not, then what do you enjoy, and why?

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