Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When your GPS is as lost as you are

When your GPS is as lost as you are, you know you're in trouble.

"In 500m turn left," she says in an American accent. 

"I'd love to, darling," I reply, "if only I wasn't standing at a T-junction! (Soo... is straight to the left or the right? I wonder to myself. Oh, what the hell, just make a pic and let her recalculate. 

Next, she tells me to turn left at a three way intersection with only a street to the right. I wonder whether my GPS is blond or is it the accent?

Then she tells me to continue for two and half kilometers and a kilometer later she recalculates as if I had missed a turn that I wasn't suppose to make... yet! 

I was just about to shut the bloody thing down, when she actually pointed me in a legitimate direction. Whatever was wrong seemed to be right then. She can thank her lucky stars... mumble, mumble.

I think my phone is wanting to go on pension now. I've had my Samsung Omnia smartphone now for just over three years. She doesn't seem all too smart anymore. I used to upgrade very diligently every 22 months. I can see now that it is not just about getting the newest technology, but things are not really made to last forever anymore; not like in the olden days.

Whereas the battery used to last me almost two days, I now barely get through 8 hours - if no one phones me. 

Most people pull into McDonalds to order a burger and fries. I pull up and order direction with a double portion of frustration on the side, and two screams to go. Five minutes before my doctor's appointment the already half dead battery had stopped charging and as a result the GPS shut down. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to charge. Five minutes! Really? Great! Ever had days like that?

Finally (after what felt like forever) the phone started charging again, and as I parked the car and turned off the ignition I thought to myself how I've driven past this place a hundred times before!

I wonder if my phone can sense that change is neigh?

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