Tuesday, September 6, 2011

(5) PA: Red means stop (for now anyway...)

Now! Now! I know some of you must be anxiously looking forward to the New York City pics but we're getting there... Remember, we had to drive to Pennsylvania first. I've taken so many pictures and I'm still processing them. 500 just in NYC! Remember, see what I see, yes?

Not even the uncomfortable car seat could ruin a beautiful morning like this one. I had no idea what we were driving throught the night before while it was dark. I've heard so much about the mountainous landscape of Pennsylvania, but it was more beautiful than I imagined.

The valleys are rather deep in places with running water everywhere. This is my first misty picture (that I can remember). In a way I was relieved that we didn't have that much driving left to do. The mist and the mountain passes (combined with the Schumacher truck drivers) made this leg of the journey a bit slower than anticipated (compared to the rest of it).
I like this picture; the touch of colour on the left side. Not bad for a "drive by shooting"... (*wink*) The only thing about the mist is that I couldn't see much of the surrounding landscape. Maybe on the way back, huh? 
Beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see...

One thing that there is ample of in Pennsylvania is red barns. The farms here are beautifully taken care of. I love it.

Picture perfect...

This is something that I really liked. These are truck rest stops. Some are designed with a spot for cars too. I loved the neat way that it is kept. It looks pretty and inviting. It looks cared for. It is also a safe place away from the road and I don't remember seeing one of these with just one truck in it; usually at least five to ten.

It reminded me of the days in South Africa when you could still pull off at the side of the road and have a snack on a long road trip. "Padkos" (the lunch box full of cold chicken, ham, rolls, boiled eggs, the flask with hot coffee...) Who remembers those and what did you have in your lunch box? Do you remember when passers by would hoot and wave? Those days are gone...

Nowadays it is not something you want to be doing anymore. Besides, there are now all the one stop garage/restaurant/restrooms along the major routes instead.
Just two more miles... The end is in sight. I'm looking forward to a shower and stretching out on a comfortable bed or sofa!
I found these toll gates rather entertaining - especially if you're using coins. Instead of a window with a person taking your money there is a funnel shaped basket attached to the side of the booth. So what you do is drive up, toss the coins in the basket, the machine counts it, and if it's satisfied that the amount is correct, the boom lifts and allows you to drive through. 

It felt so strange for me throwing money at this machine. Even though it is not a person it still felt so rude somehow, inappropriate. Of course, the first time I pulled up to one I stopped a teensy bit too far but I thought the weight of the coins would cause it to "fly" far enough - after all, it is a rather sizable basket. Instead coins went flying everywhere. I held my breath to see how much would end in the basket and luckily just one fell to the floor. And fortunate for me I didn't have to bother backing up the car. I could quite easily reach it by just opening my door. I was just so relieved when I looked in the rearview mirror and realized that no one was behind me. I just imagine what my thoughts might have been had I been parked behind me at that gate... haha 
Finally... our offramp to the right. Yay!!
This journey has come to a stop! (for the day anyway *wink*)

Before I end off for today though, just an interesting note on the bridge up ahead... For quite a long time that bridge was famous because people would commit suicide by hurling themselves off it. Someone that Garett knew used to own a store just next to it and the bodies used to land in his parking lot... Eeeuw! Imagine that. Then, on the other hand... how tragic is that? To his knowledge not one of the jumpers have ever survived the fall.


  1. September 7, 2011 at 3:06 pm
    I might be biased because Pennsylvania is my home state, but the countryside here is really beautiful this time of year! Hope you are enjoying your visit.

    1. September 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm
      I don't think you're biased, Trace. The beauty if undeniable! I thoroughly enjoyed the visit