Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time out toddlers

I thought I was happy with my picture but, clicking without thinking, I lost all the editing work that I've done. One click, dammit! Oh no! I had no choice but to start from scratch. Aaaw :( 

However, looking at this picture now, I think that it is way cooler than the one that I lost. I mean, WAY cooler! :D 

Often, when we find ourselves in a place of having to start from scratch after all the effort, energy and money that we've invested, it can be hard to imagine that the result of the new effort could be better than the old. It is easier to believe the result of the
failed effort that you can see, feel, taste and describe right down to the finest detail, rather than something that don't exist yet, or something you've never tasted or experienced before. Perhaps the secret is to open yourself up to the idea that the possibilities are endless - that there are good possibilities - even great possibilities - ones that will exceed your highest expectations. Perhaps the secret is to have faith; to have faith in a loving God who knows the plans and says that they are good! And to walk by that faith, instead of by sight. (And, of course, it can't hurt to remind yourself of all the people who started over a hundred or more times before they achieved success ;) 

It may be difficult to look up when you're lying face down in the dirt; look up anyway!

This picture was taken in an antique and gift store in a tiny town in Kansas, US, called Barnes. At first I thought that it was dolls, but it's not. It is in fact stuffed little outfits propped up against the wall, making to look like toddlers leaning on their forearms - time out toddlers. I thought it very creative. 

This is the kind of picture that I would hang in an apartment in New York, overlooking Central Park, or put on a coffee mug or a glass cutting board for my kitchen - something that I could either use, or displaying it where I can see and enjoy it every day.

Wow... let me scroll up one more time... I just can't stop looking at it! :D

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