Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What in the world is Liane up to?

What in the world is Liane up to? Depends... which one?  

Liane Bahler (born Jan 1982), a German professional racing cyclist’s career started in 2001 and did pretty good for herself if you ask me. If she didn’t die in a car crash on her way to the airport in July of 2007 - 4th of July of all days - my guess is she would probably be out riding her bike.

Liane Balaban (born Jun 1980) is a Canadian actress who can be seen in movies such as New Waterford Girl (1999), Definitely, Maybe (2008), Last Chance Harvey (2009). She like to read, write, going to art galleries and music as her leisure activities. She recently moved to Montreal and describes it as a city that doesn’t revolve around acting, so who knows what she’s doing right now. Who knows, maybe she is being mistaken for the actress Natalie Portman (...which apparently happens often from what she told Now magazine in Jan 2009).

Liane Berkowitz - German - was born Aug 1923 to a concertmaster and conductor father and a singing teacher mother. She became involved with the German resistance movement during World War II. She was executed in August 1943. If she had lived to see Hitler commit suicide in April 1945 maybe she would still be celebrating!

Liane Bonin is an American journalist, author, radio producer and produced screenwriter who have written articles for Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, People and The Hollywood Reporter to name a few. She and her husband lives in Los Angeles with their three dogs. It’s too cold in winter to take long walks with the dogs. The fireplace would be my best friend right about now.

Liane Carroll (born 1964) is an English pianist/vocalist in London who has worked with artists like Paul McCartney and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. ...Singing Christmas carols by the piano, a glass of wine among scattered sheet music.

Liane Cartman takes me by surprise as I learn that she is a thoroughly promiscuous old woman with a wholesome, loving mother exterior – a cartoon character in South Park – heaven help me!! Forget wholesome and loving! Right about now she should be ashamed of herself! That should keep her busy!

Liane Gabora is a professor of psychology. I’m sure she can figure it out on her own. Haha

Liane Haid (born Aug 1895) was an Austrian actress who had also trained as a dancer and a singer. She did something right as she lived to be 105 years old (Nov 2000). I don’t think she needs to be doing anything more ;-)

Liane Hansen (born Sept 1951) is an American journalist, radio personality and senior host of the National Public Radio. She has announced her retirement to be in May 2011 and intend to spend it near the ocean on Maryland’s shore. Big transition – I’d be out shopping if I was her.

Liane Tooth is a gifted hockey player in Australia, but Tooth for a surname... hope she didn’t lose any of hers or she’d probably be at the dentist right now.

Me... Liane de Witt... Why, I’m writing this blog of course!

Note: For fear of infringing on copy right laws I have opted not to post photographs on this blog, but I've linked you to Google images on the web.


  1. I think the copyright issue is solved, as long as you credit the source?
    Cindy xxx

  2. That is a GREAT help! Thanks for letting me know, Cindy :-) I really wanted to compare the photo's of Liane Balaban and Natalie Portman. Thought that would be most interesting. Maybe I'll modify the post..?