Friday, December 31, 2010

Just say SOMEthing, why don't cha?!

Ever had your throat gnawed at with silence..? Takes a L-O-N-G time to chew your head off that way, you know? Lol

*hmmm...* blood squirting everywhere, things crashing to the ground as you grab at table cloths and power cords (anything that might save you in your critical final hour), the phone that rings – a life line quite literally - just an inch out of your grasp, a drowning sense of choking on your own blood, the dog barking frantically outside the window but no one cares because that’s all it does anyway. You can’t wiggle your toe, your life flashing before your eyes, you can’t breath... and then it’s all over... *sigh*

Now, where was I?

Bottom line: THE WOMAN DELETED MY COMMENT off her blog – without saying anything! “What’s up with that?”

...*chomp-chomp-crunch-crunch*... Good thing she’s not chewing my wrists: that’s MY job!

I’ve been looking at more blogs since I’ve created yadayadafishpaste and I’m realizing that just because there's a 'Comment' button doesn't mean they care what you think. Yes, they put themselves out there and yes, they create a facility where you can comment, but maybe secretly they know that you won’t – they don’t expect you to, and some don’t want you to.

I signed up for a new blog today thinking that it would be informative and enjoyable. It is one of an author who blogs about her own books and interviews other authors about theirs. In addition she seems to have a little give-away each time of the book that was the topic of a particular post. To qualify you need to comment and leave your e-mail address. So I got the first notification in my e-mail today and eagerly went to have a look. I did enjoy it and of course I left my little thumb print.

Ten minutes later, while trying to subscribe to follow up posts, I discovered that she has deleted my comment out from amongst roughly 15 others (at the time). She somehow didn’t seem to like what I had to say by the look of it. I was polite, you know (or so I thought). I even remembered to say thank you for a pleasant read. So here’s what I would like to say to her:

Hey lady! If you don’t like what I have to say I think you could have at least put a little sad face, like so:

And if you deleted my comment, am I still in the lucky draw? I would like for you to know that I like to say what I think, and therefore I think it is better that we rather go our separate ways. This blogger fling is OVER!

*Gnaw, gnaw, crunch, crunch* - now whose suppose to clean up this bloody mess?! Sit in a corner and pout for a week? NOT! You just have to find the good ones! *grin*

For my faithful, loyal subjects reading my blog - just so you know: if you want to tell me what you think, you’re welcome, and if I don’t like it... who cares! *giggles* Tell me anyway!


  1. THIS one made me laugh, you silly goose!!

    I enjoyed it!!

  2. Are you sure she deleted it? Isn't it just sitting in her moderation box?
    Sorry Lee, not nice at all, I'd also be upset :(

  3. Well, Cindy, when I posted my comment I could see it together with everyone else's. Ten minutes later, and up to half an hour later, I checked another four or five times and it was nowhere to be found. I did, however, go back and check just now and, not only is it showing again, she has acted on my comment, and she has added a reply comment to me.

    I have to say: if someone ever did delete my comment my feeling would be the same. However, I must add that it was gone, and now it is back on. Can't explain it, but relieved for sure! Maybe I should consider giving this 'fling' one more chance... what do you say?