Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wi-fi - my (MS W)indow(s) to the world

I decorate my coffee with a twirl of cream from a can and a touch of cinnamon to finish it off. I turn the bottle of spice absent minded to double check the spelling of ‘cinnamon’. What would we do without spell check? I can’t recall the last time I was up at 7am. I sit down at the kitchen table – the place where my laptop reside – the curtain still drawn. Day has not even broken yet.

WHAT? No wireless internet?! It says something about “local only”. I wonder what that means exactly. If it had a throat I imagine myself reaching across the table, “What do you mean local only?” while shaking it vigorously; enough to snap a spine (if it had one). I imagine I heard something, a faint whisper... Let the light in... “What do you mean let the light in? Don’t be daft! The lamp is right there in front of you!”

I scratch my head - literally – and get up to tie back the curtain.
The window is fogged up with drops of condensation from the cold outside. All I can see is a vague glitter of two lights on someone’s porch. A car drives by; must be on their way to work. I wonder what it is they do.

I catch my breath: in the bottom right corner of my screen I see it – I’M CONNECTED!

Aaaah, that’s it! Internet wanted to watch the sunrise, (the morning sun, noon, the afternoon sun, the sunset and the moon, that is)! Haha

In the US I have been very fortunate to have access to wireless internet 24/7. It is freely available and has allowed me to do all kinds of things that I have not been privy to before now. However, it can be rather tricky to have a reliable connection. After days of heavy breathing and wanting to pull my hair out I finally discovered that my salvation lay at the kitchen table. Not a bad spot, I have to admit. The wireless connection is at its best right by a window, with the laptop at a between 80 to 90 degree angle. YES! It is that sensitive! haha

From here I see the sky, the sun and the clouds. From here I watch the squirrels play in the trees in the back yard. From here I watch the grass grow. In more ways than one it has become my window to the world.

If anyone was looking in they’d find me at the table, typing away (sometimes) into the early hours of the morning, occasionally staring into nothingness as my thoughts drift off to all kinds of places. Occasionally I would grab the camera and go outside and other times I just enjoy the beauty of a cold winter’s day from my cosy spot at the table.

I wonder if anyone is looking in, and if they are what they are thinking. Do they notice when the curtain is drawn, and would anyone even notice if no one was in the window anymore?

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