Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeless man with a golden voice

A whole 1 minute, 38 seconds of WOW! You won’t believe me unless you've heard it for yourself! This man was born for radio and he knows it.

"Radio is defined theatre of mind." (A radio personality from this man's childhood) - I can believe that.

I’ve heard it said jokingly that celebrities who are considered less – how shall I put this: attractive – have a face for radio. I have to agree that when you have the privilege of meeting some of the faces behind the voices it is often very different to what you might have expected based on what their voice sounded like.

Ted Williams has been fascinated with radio since he was a teenager. He went to college and worked in radio for a while before
foolish choices caused him to lose much of what he had worked so hard for. What a humbling experience this must have been for him. I could only hope that, having the exposure that he is granted now with modern day technology, such as YouTube and the internet, he may find a second chance on life. I pray he does! He seems as if he would know what to do with second chances.

Some people just seem to be born for certain things. It's always great when you recognize what that is. I was certainly impressed! Let me know what you think.

Note: The image is from the video clip on YouTube.


  1. WOW, let's hope his life changes for the better.

  2. Yes, let's! I think that would be awesome, Cindy.