Friday, February 4, 2011

Simply yada yada

If your drain is being naughty call 444-4040”.

This tune played over and over in my mind today and I just smiled. Our drain is in need of a serious hiding, if you ask me! I’m running out of clean clothing, cleaning dishes has been on a ‘need-to-wash' basis and taking a shower has become “do what you normally do – just faster” – the “wash and go” cycle *chuckle* We are getting there though; slowly but surely. During my shower tonight the ‘puddle’ was only a quarter of what I’ve stood in the past week or so. If I wore flip flops I could ski... whee! or float rather... hmm. Hope we get it resolved soon or we’d have to start turning ‘em inside out, if you know what I mean *wink*

I read this prophetic newsletter today; a call for prayer for the situation in Egypt. In all honesty I expected to see comments below either of those in agreement, or maybe appreciation from those for whom it is close to home – in more ways than one. Instead, there they were: two ‘christians’ having an argument back and forth as to who is the cause of the situation and who is supposed to clean up the mess, who should be grateful to whom for tax money and whose saving/destroying whose economy, etc. – complete with swear words! Way to go, fellows! So does that mean they’ll be praying or not? Let alone fast for three days; I don't suppose so by the sound of things.

I finished my book today – The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson. Interesting... I think I should write a separate post about that.

I think about flying back to Johannesburg, South Africa every day now. It is like a clock ticking in my mind. I can’t decide whether I’m excited or sad. One thing I do know is that I don't desire to replicate the life I used to have. I want a new adventure. I want to do something I enjoy and be paid for it, and I would love to travel. I'm not the same person I was when I left. What does the future hold? I can’t answer that, but here are a few things I would like to do:

I want to keep on writing, I want to travel (and if I can do both, and be paid for it somehow - why not?), I want to learn. I would like to see the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, the Eifel Tower, Disneyland, the palm trees of Miami Beach and maybe an exotic island, Greece – there where the buildings are all white and the ocean cobalt blue, Germany’s castles, Switzerland’s mountains (and their chocolate of course)... Never have had much of a fascination with the East though. And I want to take beautiful pictures along the way. I want to meet interesting people – and sometimes the best part is that you don’t have to know them for the rest of your life. I still want to scuba dive and sky dive (yet I have no desire to bungee jump – figure that). I’d like to learn to ski.

Maybe I’ve just started a bucket list of sorts...

I would definitely like to be more adventurous and less afraid; less afraid of an unknown future, but to have the courage to believe that it will be good, and it is.

But for now I’m off to bed; have a new book to snuggle with.


  1. When are you coming???

    btw, the girl who sits next to me at work heads up a division of the agency called 'Homecoming Revolution'and they post entries on their blog of people returning to SA, they also have a jobs section, if you're interested:


  2. My flight is booked for the 21st Feb, Cindy. Thank you for the website. I will be looking into every possibility while I figure out where to from here. I appreciate it :) xx