Saturday, March 5, 2011

Save a parking space. Lose a life.

“Woman Beaten Into Coma In Apparent Case Of ‘Parking Space Rage’” - - PARKING SPACE RAGE??

She was standing in the street in East Side, Manhattan (NY) saving a parking space for her boyfriend when another man came along and decided that he wanted it. She wouldn’t give it up, so he got out of his car and the ensuing altercation left the 25 year old woman in hospital in a coma. Doctors say she might die, stay in the coma or possibly have permanent brain damage. She saved a parking space alright, but might not live to see anyone park in it ever again.

IN A COMA OVER A PARKING SPACE??? What is this world coming to? It is important to note that the two individuals involved are 25 (woman) and 35 (man) years old – NOT 5.

Following on the bottom of the article there is 74 comments (at the time of this posting) debating who’s guilty or not, who deserved what and the laws (or lack thereof) for saving a parking space. Oh, and let’s not forget that her license plate says “evil kitty”. WHO CARES? Since when is a license plate justification for such savage behaviour? Self defence..? Maybe I should take up Judo or something – never know when I’ll have to defend myself over a parking space *noted sarcasm*

The whole time scanning through the reader comments the only thought I could think is, “...OVER A PARKING SPACE???!!!...” – not a piece of bread that would save a life, or discovering a murderer with a smoking gun or a knife dripping with blood, or a doctor that won’t operate on a dying patient... NOOO – a parking space!!

I don’t give a damn about who is to blame – If you ask me, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. How tragic! Shame on both of them!

Bail has been set at $100,000.