Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cupcakes YUM!

I’m not usually good with buying gifts. I like to get something that is practical and that I know the person would like and use. Hopefully every time they do they think of you. I hate it when you have useless gifts piling up in a cupboard somewhere that everyone has forgotten about and it’s just collecting dust – bought with the best of intentions of course.

Needless to say I get stuck when I don’t know what a person likes or need. Often I have then rather done something to spend some quality time with the person, maybe going out to a restaurant for a meal or coffee and cake. I don’t think gifts always have to be something tangible. Time can be a very precious gift too; an opportunity to make memories.

So a few years ago I bought some Barbie cupcakes to bake with my little niece for one of her birthdays. She was just starting to be old enough to help mix, pour and decorate. So I thought we’d make it a memorable experience rather than a gift, and hoping that she would remember it. It would appear that she does. (*smile*)

A few weeks back I was looking after my niece and her friend for a few days during their winter school holiday. Guess what we did? Yip! We baked cup cakes. This time it wasn’t my idea, but heck! I LOVE cupcakes!!

Being the mature adult in this sweet, yummy, dough-y situation is very hard when everyone have their eye equally fixated on the spoons, whisks and bowls that need a good, thorough licking. I know I’m not ten anymore but who cares? That it is finger licking good – literally – is undeniable no matter how old you are!

I just had to keep an eye or we would have had half-sized cup cakes; one spoon full in the paper cup, one spoonful in the mouth scenario. I secretly thought to myself, “If it was me we would have had no cupcakes period”. Now there’s a way to save electricity (*wink-wink*)

If I have a choice though I do prefer chocolate cupcakes to vanilla so what I normally do is to buy chocolate cake mix and baking it in cupcake trays. The part I like best – besides licking the bowl – is the icing. I love the creativity and the whole idea of it not having to be perfect, and no matter what it looks like it usually still taste great. So if all else fails you can always eat it with your eyes closed. Being a kid can be so simple and fun and icing cupcakes makes me feel like one!

The first time I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures – what a pity. This time however, I slipped in a few for you to see. Enjoy!

Fresh out of the oven!

This icing sets so timing is vital. All you need now is that little tongue sticking out - she's concentrating that hard :D

It took a little practice. If the icing dry before you've sprinkled the decoration it won't stick, you see.

Ta-DAA! The superhero ones.

These were my absolute favorites!! The plain icing just WORKED with the vanilla cake! YUM!!

On the downside though… it is usually the adults who get stuck with doing the dishes and what a load it can be. In this case I can say though that it was worth it! ;


  1. Very special memories, she's going to miss you :)

  2. Yip, is is, Cindy. Sometimes memories are all we have. It's special when they are good ones!