Saturday, July 23, 2011

My laundromat in the shade of a tree

It’s been a while since my last blog and I’ve missed it. Goodness gracious! Look at the time. It is again 10pm. Where did my day go? But I made a promise to myself when I woke up this morning and right now I am leaving everything else, hanging my little “do not disturb “ sign out to the world and I am w-r-i-t-i-n-g this b-l-o-g.

With the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in Kansas lately it has been quite a mission keeping the house cool. This means that we are running the air conditioning in one room, circulating that cool air into the rest of the house with a swivel head fan, keeping the windows closed and curtains drawn where there’s direct sunlight and minimizing heat generating activities such as blow drying hair, cooking on the stove and yes, ironing. So I thought I’d take it all outside.

At 104 *F the “tumble dryer” is powered by Mother Nature. This can take as little as 30 minutes or less per load. Only possible problem I discovered yesterday is to watch the humidity. It can leave the laundry feeling a bit sticky if you hang it out for too long.

Within five minutes we’ve constructed this pretty fantastic ironing board in the shade of the tree in the back yard. On my side of the line the breeze was cool and refreshing and everything I needed was right within my reach. Perfect! (The only thing I missed was some vibrating slippers to massage my feet. They’ve been swelling from the high temperatures, so standing for long periods of time is not working too well for me right now. And perhaps a good looking stud to fan me with some palm leaves... Heaven knows I'm h-o-t! I mean IT'S hot! :D

Many things in America is over-sized compared to what I’m used to, and although I often don’t understand the wasteful logic behind it one thing I am VERY grateful for right now is the over-sized ice cubes in the new ice trays I bought yesterday and the huge glasses that they fit into with such ease. (And no, Natasha, these cubes do not fit into your mouth – they’re that big! *wink-wink*)

After a few days of recovering from some jet lag and two days of cleaning and laundry I am ready to take a break and have some fun - looking gorgeous and wrinkle free! It’s just about time! Hopefully I can get back into a comfortable routine with writing my blog :)


  1. My goodness, I can't imagine ironing when it's so hot! Go for a swim instead ...

  2. I burn too easily in the sun - I mean sun stroke, swelling and (if it gets really bad) blisters. Cool showers have been bliss, I have to say (and the cool of the house with every potty break! haha)

  3. You're in the US! Yeah!! How long will you be visiting? What will you be doing?

    I think we have a problem with "oversizing" here, like you said...really good point.

    "...a good looking stud to fan me with some palm leaves..." YES! YES! YES! If you find a willing subject, please snap a picture of him doing fanning you...I'd love to see it.

    Glad you are back to blogging - you've been missed!

  4. Thank you, Tracy; that's a nice thing to say :) - "been missed".

    As soon as I find that subject I'm snapping away for sure! ;) In the meantime I'll be here for six months as far as I know, and I'm looking for opportunity to go forward with my future somehow. I'm not completely clear on what I'm looking for, but I'm trying to look at everything that presents itself and hoping that I will recognize the one that grabs my heart. I think this trip is a bit about finding some answers for my future.

    I'm writing - which is what I would really like to do more of and be paid for it somehow. I'm hoping to visit a (or some) recording studio(s) on our Pennsylvania trip and, of course, snapping some pictures as we go :) Then I'm trying to put a little book together to self publish. So let's see how it goes :)

    Good to be back :)

  5. Sounds wonderful Liane. I hope you enjoy this time and make the self-discoveries you're hoping for. Sometimes all it takes is to put yourself in the path of opportunity and wait for it to collide with you. If you make it to western Pennsylvania, be sure to let me know!

  6. I certainly hope so too, Tracy. You're right: "put yourself in the path of opportunity" - sometimes that is all you can do. You don't have control over the collision.

    I certainly will let you know, Tracy!