Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(1) Road trip to Pennsylvania: H-e-r-e we go!

Don't you just love that early morning feeling before a long road trip? I'm not sure if it's the freshness of a new morning, the smell of fresh coffee or the anticipation of the adventure ahead. Needless to say we had all of those wrapped up in one as we set out on our drive from a small county in Kansas to Pennsylvania.

Distance: 1245 miles (2003km) - one way
We opted to drive for a few reasons but one was so that I could see more of the United States; quite a big deal for a girl from South Africa - a country considered rather small in comparison to a few around the world. A huge place to me, of course, but hey! what do I know, right?

Every little bush and tree had me all excited, so I've decided to "show and tell" right here on my blog. Granted not all the bushes and trees were exciting enough to make me grab my camera but heck! this is the U.S of A and I was going to take it a-l-l in! This blog is after all about the way I see it, yes? (*grin*)

Join me if you like and see what I saw. H~e~r~e we go! (Just before we do, though, just note that these are what I like to call 'drive by shootings'. That is when you have one moment to take a picture and you seize it... from a moving vehicle.)

Sunrise on the morning of our departure

We set out at 5:30am. The weather was ideal and it looked like it was going to be a perfect day for driving. Garett and I had been at it for two days over who was going to do how much of the driving but alas I had to make buddies with the passenger seat for most of the way there. A little way along I actually ended up feeling a little bit relieved - note I said a little bit (*wink*).

Animals are not fenced off from the highway and (especially) deer runs across the road all the time, mostly at dusk and dawn (the cooler time of the day hence encouraging deer movement). If you don't see it coming you could end up with some serious damage to your car or someone could even get killed. It could be rather strenuous driving as you can imagine, I'm sure.

Saying that I stepped aside gracefully would be a lie, so let's just say I could understand that he's had a lot more practice in knowing what to look out for, ok? I decided to use the opportunity to take as many pictures of a country that I really haven't seen yet. Always look for the win-win, I say!

A little more sun rising... I just love the way the light reflects on the clouds! I love clouds period. The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets (for me) are ones with clouds.

The first city we pass by is Topeka. Kansas City is next. And, of course, at this point whoever is not driving starts digging around for the change for the toll gate (or the garage card, whichever you use). Guess who did the digging... ;)

Ah! There's the toll gate and I was ready!
The windscreen is not scratched. I've added those funny looking lines to a few pictures as an artistic touch (*wink-wink*)


  1. August 30, 2011 at 6:08 am
    Stunning pics. LMAO at drive by shootings

    1. August 30, 2011 at 3:05 pm
      Thank you, Cin Any real good pics was a bonus for sure!