Friday, July 12, 2013

Some days the dog will chew on Hope

Sometimes Hope falls to the floor... and then the dog chews on it.

I thought this was really funny and for a moment there I just enjoyed laughing out loud to myself. Immediately after this I caught myself wrecking my brain trying to come up with a 'fix it' line to inspire a hopeless somebody somewhere, but no matter how I tried to couldn't think of a single line to top it with.

You mean to say that's it? 

YIP! That's it!

Usually, if you tell me your problems, my first response is to give you some suggestions of how to fix it. It's that simple, not so? Problem -> options for solutions -> make a choice -> implement choice -> voilĂ ! Problem solved! I win the friend of the year award and we move on. No...? No!

No, there will be times when Hope will fall to the floor, and just when you think it can't possibly get worse, the dog will chew on it - period. 

You'll go through a season of feeling shitty and merely going through the motions. You won't be someone that anyone wants to be around. You'll feel lonely and sorry for yourself. You'll be irritated with fix-me-upper cliché's that many who spew it out thoughtlessly don't even believe for themselves. You'll eventually get tired of your own miserable self, pick Hope up from the floor, spot the piece of gum on the back that seems to match the blob on the wall where Hope used to be. You'll wonder why you didn't pick it up sooner. You'll dust Hope off and stick it back where it belongs - right alongside love and faith - and you'll go on.

Yes, you will go on.

And one day - even if you can't see how right now - you'll look back, you'll tell your story - doggy drool and all... and you'll laugh.

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