Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh deer, isn't that just cUtE - CLICK!

For a while I had some Facebook friends who love the outdoors. I love the outdoors: jet ski's, quad bikes, walks on the beach, photography, mountain bike riding, walks (beach, woods, parks), bird song, sunsets, etc., to name but a few. It took a little while for me to realize that for some outdoors means hunting.

I don't have a problem with hunting per se, but I would much rather be shooting with a camera than a gun. I definitely did not understand their passion and before long the posts became pretty predictable: 

I see a deer
I smell a deer
I dreamt about a deer
Shh, I think I hear a deer
I'm cooking a deer
I'm mounting a deer (head)
I'm wondering if I'll shoot a deer (this season)
Aaw shoot! The deer that got away...

Then - oh dear! - I've had enough of deer, and gradually one after the other dropped off the friends list.

I didn't understand their passion then, but whatever your passion, it is not easily hidden under a rock.If someone is really good at something, or really interested in something it will show.

I love photographing people. Babies are just the best! Have you ever seen a new mother. Heck, when her baby poops in his nappy she thinks it is just the most adorable thing! Aaawwww, cUtE! Let me take a picture - just in case! Click! ha-ha

I don't blame them. Lately my camera has become an extension of my arm (and it's not even my baby!). Every moment - well, almost every moment - is a Kodak moment. (Ok, ok... a Nikon one.) I'm afraid to put the camera down in case I miss that picture perfect moment. Now I chuckle to myself thinking 

I see a baby - CLICK
I smell a baby - CLICK
I dream about a baby - CLICK
Click, click, click 

(Wait, let me just change the settings to 'continuous shutter'... this button is clicking too slowly...) 

I might be dropping off a friend list somewhere and not even know it (*wink*)

When you look at a baby through the lens of a camera a messy feeding session becomes a mosaic, a crying baby becomes a potential Van Gogh and puke becomes a tapestry ...Especially if the baby is not yours.


Seriously though, isn't this just cUtE!

It's not a real hug if your eyes are open

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