Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some more of my favorite pictures

ehat was going to be a quick peek over the wall into the neighbor's back yard delivered some beautiful surprises when I discovered six little pups. Of course mom and dad protested loudly until they realized that the camera was not going to harm their precious little ones :)

Then, what was going to be a leisurely stroll on a beautiful afternoon quickly turned into a fun photo shoot that I would never have anticipated. I am, however, VERY glad that I took my camera :) This is just a sneak preview of my favorite shots.

The difficult part is that sometimes I can't decide between the color, the black and white or some interesting effect on a particular picture. Choices, choices, choices...

One thing I would like to do though, the next time I create a home for myself, is to create interesting art out of my favorite photo's and decorate my walls with that rather than paintings. It makes it so much more personal if it is a display of something you love to do... I think.

What decorates the walls of your home?


Don't forget the clouds - I LOVE clouds. It was a beautiful sky!

I love the one buried in the bottom right corner haha

Not just a photo... art :)

I would have loved to show off some more of my favorites, but unfortunately one has to be so careful nowadays :( Isn't it just sad...


  1. Oh my gosh, that daddy dog is so CUTE! His eyes tell the whole story. LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture. Great job!

  2. Yes, it is sad that we have to be so careful :(
    Lovely photos.

  3. Thank you, Tracy :) Yes, those eyes... :)

  4. Thank you, Cindy :) I have received permission to show some more - I'll choose them carefully, but at least then I can show you a few more :)