Thursday, June 2, 2011

In case of winter wear a hat

In 2010 I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the USA. It was going to be interesting for me to compare the winter to the winter here in South Africa. Snow is simply beautiful but it is more beautiful to look at than it is warm. In the process, however, I have learned a few simple things about keeping warm. Considering the temperatures we’ve had the past few days I thought it suitable to share them with you. Here we go!

1. Keep your FEET warm. It is a good idea to invest in some thick woolen socks if you can.
2. Can be a bit tricky sometimes, I know, but keep your HANDS warm – wear gloves whenever you can.
3. Keep your CORE warm: your chest and your back from your waist to your neck.
4. Keep the back of your NECK warm. Not only will a scarf help but it can double up as a beautiful (and fashionable) accessory to your outfit.
5. Keep your HEAD warm. This is – in my opinion - the most important tip. You’ll be amazed how much warmer you are by simply wearing a hat.

Usually I wouldn’t think to sleep with a hat though because it would come off during the night. I can’t lie awake trying to keep a hat on.

That’s what a Coda is for!

Apparently the pillow is one of his favorite spots. HECK! In this weather I'm not complaining! ;)

What are your winter warmer secrets?


  1. Mine is a black felt cloche today :) Not nearly as cute as Coda xxx

  2. What is a cloche, Cindy? He's the cutest little fluff ball, isn't he just? :D

  3. It is finally summer here, but this past winter was so very cold in the northeast USA. I drink hot drinks non-stop - tea, coffee, but then I started to drink plain hot water...and I liked it.

  4. Tracy, I'm usually more health conscious and don't drink coffee, but in this cold I have also been drinking more coffee to try and warm up. Plain hot water... I've heard that luke warm water first thing in the morning is very good for your digestive system. Luke warm or hot like you would use for coffee..? Weren't you surprised that you liked it?

  5. I was surprised that I liked it! Now I put lemon in the hot water and it's even better. Tea without the tea..

  6. Lemon... that sounds like a perfect finishing touch!