Friday, June 10, 2011

Small minded in a big world

“The most remarkable species of all living in the wildest places on earth struggling to survive”...


A friend of mine sent this video clip to me recently. As I was watching it I realized (I should probably say ‘again’) just how small my mentality is in terms of the world: its places, its people, its cultures, its value systems and beliefs, its animal kingdoms, its climate. Even as I speak I’m probably being narrow minded. The picture is just that big! The detail too overwhelming to digest it all in just one lifetime; worlds that we never even imagine.

There is so much that we can so easily loose sight of. Our ignorance can sometimes be astounding!

When last did you consider something that is outside of your world as you know it?


  1. Blogging makes me realise it to a small extent, the glimpses I get into people's minds and living rooms ...

  2. You are right, Cindy.

    I can't honestly imagine someone who's never used a computer in their life; who don't know what Microsoft is, or the internet. Imagine how little they know about the rest of the world outside of their own. I can't honestly say I understand what that must be like. It is easy to assume that OF COURSE they know. How can they not?

    It is certainly not a "one size fits all" world...