Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'll change the day I...

Birds of a feather... (original source unknown)
"I'll change the day I meet a good woman," he said.

Hmm... what kind of stupid statement is that? Yet, I wonder how many foolish men are making it nowadays.

Here's a few random thoughts from a long-standing single girl, for anyone who is interested...

Okay, so you drink yourself into a drunken stupor on every off day that you have. Because you're drunk you can't really go anywhere - thank goodness you're responsible enough to want to stay home. (Some are a lot more stupid and careless than you.) When you're drunk you're useless conversation, and an even worse listener - no one has to check the lights to know that no one's home; I don't know about you, but that makes conversations with my couch more emotionally fulfilling than talking to you, staring at me with glazed over eyes.

You stagger in and out for a smoke the whole time and eventually you hang your head... back... and snore like you're chopping down the Rain Forest. I guess that's it then, huh? (And everyone gets up and leaves...)

The next day you have no recollection of the "good time" you had; you're just glad you didn't decide to drive anywhere, or so everyone tells you (if that is in fact the case).

The rest of the time you go for days without a shower, and someone needs to tell you to put on clean socks and brush your teeth. Personal hygiene matters, in case you didn't know. Each month you have nothing to show for your hard earned money and you live like there is no tomorrow... until tomorrow comes and you made no provision. I'll give you a heads up, dude, problems proportionally increase as the number of people in your household does - if you can't take care of one, how do you propose to take care of plenty?

Today you're at work and unavailable; not exactly the time most people plan on meeting anyone special.

So...gone is the money, gone is the time, gone are the opportunities for that "good woman" to magically appear in your life and change everything for good - and eventually - one wasteful experience at a time - gone is the future that you'll always just be dreaming about, I guess. So, when did you say you wanted to change again...?

I have a question for the guys: what kind of woman do you think you're going to get if this is the kind of man you are? I'll tell you: most probably one who was lying in the same gutter you were when you "found each other". And what kind of change did you have in mind again...?

Come on, guys! When will you start being the men that woman are really looking for? Men of character and backbone, who will stand up for their wives, love them, protect them, respect and honor them, put them first and take care of them? When will you start asking yourself what you have to offer to a woman instead of what you can get from her? You were made to walk in front! (not dragging behind, crying like a girl for woman who start wearing the pants instead because you won't put them on.) So start walking already!

I truly stand amazed at how many people will describe how they want a partner who is responsible, honest, tender, humorous, caring, compassionate, diligent, etc. etc. when they don't offer half of those qualities to someone else. Hey, what you give is what you get. 

If birds of a feather truly flock together, what kind of bird are you, bro? Perhaps the time for change is now.

*Note: this post does not refer to any specific bird, dude or bro, but it contains elements of what I've observed over the years.

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