Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talking about the weater

One of the main reasons for my relocating to Johannesburg, South Africa fifteen years ago was the climate. Summers are warm, but not too hot, although we do have the odd scorcher every now and again. And although it can be humid while a good rain storm is brewing, it is not the norm. This means I can wear my long, thick mane down most of the time - just the way I like it - and no frizzies! I wasn't blessed with 'wash-and-wear' and humidity does not exactly bring out my best hair fashion statements ;)

Winters can be cold enough but it is manageable most of the time. I'm not crazy about the cold temperatures - although I've changed my mind a little after my recent visits to the United States with their snowy winters - but I do think that winter is a beautiful season! It is as if the sun shines brighter and there is something comforting about letting it warm your face on a cold day.

Autumn has never been a very pronounced season for me. Maybe because I haven't seen too many trees exchange their green jacket for flaming reds, orange and yellow. This perception changed once again as fall is somehow a lot more prominent in the US. People flock to specific areas merely for admiring the beautiful colors; in the really beautiful parts like Pennsylvania and Colorado (only two of many) it is almost part of a tourist attraction. We even took a trip to Colorado in 2011 for the sole purpose of
photographing the beautiful transformation.

Spring is my favorite! My birthday is in spring in South Africa and in autumn in the US. Because of my travels I haven't seen a spring in two years. I've been travelling between autumn and winter in the northern and southern hemisphere. I miss spring. I always feel such an expectation in the air - new beginnings, or surprises just around the bend, or long awaited breakthroughs and relief - a deep breath of fresh air, laughter, relief, hope. Every year I play a little game looking out for the first blossoms of the season; the season when everything comes back to life - awesome and beautiful!

I love rain. On a beautiful summer afternoon a refreshing rain shower is no surprise. One moment the sun would be shining, and the next the sky is filled with grey clouds and rain pouring down. Ten minutes later the show is over with only a beautiful rainbow gracefully taking a bow, glistening in the last rays of the setting sun. 

I love driving in the rain, and I love the sound of rain on a tin roof, especially at bed time. There is no lullaby quite like it. I love the smell of rain in the air before a single drop has fallen, and the smell of rain after a cleansing shower.

Did you know that washing your car is actually a form of rain dance? (Isn't it ironic how it rains when you've just had your car washed? But apparently washing your car yourself is considered a greater sacrifice ;) )

Rain is the one thing that I missed in Kansas. It would look like rain, smell like rain, feel like rain, but then it wouldn't rain. Usually I associate pancake (with cinnamon and sugar) with a rainy day, but eventually I baked some even on a sunny day.

I've been so spoiled lately being able to enjoy the afternoon showers again...

I was curious just how long the geese would stand around in the pouring rain. Some of them looked like they were drinking water from the sky. (Still learning how to photograph rain, hence the blue hue.)
I suppose drinks ("happy hour") are over; time to run for shelter. (Here the rain is a little more visible - little...)
Rain drops in puddles
Rain drops everywhere
"O! What's that?" (That's rain drops on a ...)
...tin roof, my baby ;)  
Which is your favorite season and why?

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