Sunday, March 11, 2012

Working for peanuts

Little Bubbles has been as much in transition as I've been; a few months here, a few months there. We've met some interesting characters along the way and I'm pleased to see how adaptable he's been so far. Some parrots really don't like change - not even a new toy in their cage, or even rearranging the same toys. I've read that it can take a day or two (or several) to gradually introduce change to their environment, depending on the particular bird. Bubbles, my baby, you've done really well!

Below is a picture of Mufaza, Box Man and Bubbles in his make shift pozzy (slang for 'home'). It makes sense to me that Bubbles needs to find new ways to amuse himself, seeing as he doesn't have his large 'villa' (cage) with all his usual comforts and toys. Mufasa seems to suffice. 

The latest game is Bubbles unique version of "catch". He shells his peanuts and as he's eating it little pieces falls to the floor. Mufasa's job is to catch it. He is totally happy to oblige, of course. He doesn't need to be invited twice. Bubbles now have his own personal vacuum cleaner. Saves me the hassle.   

Mufasa is quite happy vacuuming for peanuts - cheap labor (ha-ha)

Both of them are completely thrilled; Mufasa for being given something to eat (no matter that it is a tiny piece of peanut - he probably doesn't even taste it before it's gone) and Bubbles for having someone come running at the drop of a peanut (or a raisin).  It didn't take him too long to catch on.

For a while Mufasa didn't phase him, but now he cleverly drops something, Mufasa comes running when he hears it hit the floor, and while he is sniffing around, searching for that tiny piece of (whatever Bubbles dropped for him), Bubbles is scurrying down the cage, beak ajar, and looking as if he's going to nip Mufasa. I'm not sure whether he means to harm him, or whether he is just curious, or if he's trying to tell him that it's his turf. It is true that birds do explore using their tongue and taste just like humans use our hands.

Thank goodness Mufasa hasn't gotten himself bitten just yet. Shame, I wouldn't want to be him. I've been bitten a few times before and I'm trying to warn him that it's painful! I do think it is interesting, though, watching them together.

Ultimately, I'd have to say, I would like to see them co-existing in harmony - each one knowing where he stands with the other and respecting that, maybe even ending up being friends. In the meantime, though, I think I'd keep a close eye just for in case.

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