Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(5) Colorado: The fast, the furious and a tragic death

On this day we woke up to our last morning in Colorado. Even though I wasn't cold during the night, I missed my blow up mattress something terrible. While G went out scouting for early morning pictures I took advantage of a few extra layers of blanket and another two odd hours of sleep. And then I was hungry. We still had some leftover rotisserie chicken, ham and fresh bread safely locked in the car and before long we were not the only ones who knew that. Only the coffee was missing. ...And the bacon. And the eggs... ;)

G had this one eating out of his hand! - bird eating bird. Hmm....
We were very amused by how this little guy kept coming back for more chicken. How odd is that? (To me anyway.) Maybe birds also now have an in flight menu: beef or chicken? His choice is obvious! lol

Now let's backtrack just a little to show you how he landed in the hand. It's the same pattern over and over: 

Step 1: the tree, spying out the treats from a safe distance.
Step 2: On the trunk, pretending to mind his own business.
Step 3: I know where the treats are! "Open up, sesame. Come up, what are you waiting for? I haven't got all day, you know."
Step 4: A symbiotic affair. "Don't you feel better now that I'm eating the chicken? I know I do." 
(The whistle is for when you encounter a bear (if I remember correctly).) Fortunately we didn't need it.

Let me just say I love squirrels. I love observing their busy, cheeky behavior. It doesn't really matter what they do, it makes me smile. I was watching this little guy for a while before I realized that he wasn't just acting silly or playing, he was gathering something - he was on a mission! (And right about now I can just hear the theme song right out of a James Bond movie. You have to hear it for the full effect. Go on.)  

He looks like he's ready to pounce on something.
He's stuffing as much of it in his mouth as he can; quick, quick, don't stop!
I'd say he's barking up the wrong tree, but he's not a dog and he's got his mouth full.
That's it for now, then.
Gotta run! Winter's coming. Catch'ya later!
This little one is a bit like me; don't function well in the morning on an empty stomach.
Did you get a good shot? That's my good side with the sun just right on my tail like that.
What are you looking at? This is my nut. I'm not sharing.
I'm going to l-e-a-p!
This bridge is part of a little tour designed to create a safe and fun learning environment for children. They have little markers to learn about insects, bears, wild cats, fish and flora in the area. The trail include tunnels to crawl through, paw prints to fit their own hands and feet in, as well as a sand pit to measure how far they can leap vs. some leaping creatures, e.g. frogs and grasshoppers. Quite innovative, I thought, and very entertaining if you're just a little kid, I'm sure. So why is this bridge relevant? 
The construction work came to a screeching halt after the tragic drowning of one of the crew members. No one seemed to have witnessed Mr Smurf's falling into the pond but by the time they discovered his body it was already too late. He was still clutching his saw with his little blue hand. The police had cordoned off the area looking for clues as to how this accident happened.

I paid my respects proper paparazzi style - with flashing camera, of course ;)   
You know the saying cross the bridge when you get there. As much as I would have loved to stay longer  - there was still so much to explore - it was time for us to leave colorful Colorado. I can say one thing though: it is definitely a place I would love to visit again. There's too many jewels that is yet to be discovered.

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