Thursday, December 29, 2011

King of HIS jungle

I think we fall more and more in love with our animals the more we get to know them - their personalities, their habits, their way of communicating with us (their love, their needs, their moods). I don't know about you but to me they become like little furry or feathered 'people'. To a stranger a cat is a cat, is a cat, or a dog is a dog, is a dog, but to you it is a companion, a baby, another heartbeat in the room, a best friend, etc.  

Lil' M (short for little monster) is no different. He is full of life and full of mischief and he is certainly not shy about it. Lately he has been playing a new game. He's taken quite a liking to my chair. He lurks around and when I get up he jumps on the chair and makes himself at home. I tell him that I've been keeping it warm especially for him! I feel too bad to kick him off when I come back so I type standing up till he gives it up. lol (The things we do for our pets... ;) 
This is my chair! Signed Lil' M
You're not getting this chair; you know that, right? 
Y-a-a-w-n.... s-t-r-e-t-c-h... my chair...
Do you have pets? What are the funny things they do that you think are simply adorable?

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