Sunday, December 4, 2011

(1) And then we were off to Colorado

My day trip to New York city was just a few days premature for a birthday present but who cares, right? By far one of the best birthday presents yet! Now it was G's turn. He wanted to photograph the fall colors and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I wonder why some call it autumn and others call it fall? Either way, October is the perfect time for it!

After driving the 1,200 miles to Pennsylvania, the 600 mile drive to Colorado was a breeze but with one very distinct difference: the scenery. Now, I've heard people describe Kansas in two main ways: (1) the place where the Wizard of Oz plays out, and (2) flat, wide open spaces with not even a tree in sight. Firstly - and I'm unsure whether I should feel ashamed or not - I haven't seen The Wizard of Oz. I've heard of it often but I haven't seen the movie, and secondly I haven't seen enough of the States to make an accurate topographical comparison. This trip gave me a whole new insight but how about you judge for yourself:

I was so tempted to give it the caption Kansas. The End. (lol) This wouldn't be true though - not in my opinion anyway. Perhaps it is true in a Westward direction toward Colorado but I didn't find it to be true when we traveled East to Missouri. Neither could I honestly agree for the area that we live in. We have some hills and there's definitely a good number of trees around. I'd know, I rest in them when I'm out cycling. As for the rest of Kansas... I haven't seen that yet.

Before I knew it we had run out of miles of nothingness. I was going to have a perfect memory, but alas the camera was on manual focus settings and naturally I only had one second to take one of the best pictures ever... stupid Murphy. Well, it will just have to do...

This is blur for "Leaving Kansas. Come again."
And on the other side of the bridge this is blur for "Welcome to colorful Colorado"
Oh well, you get the idea (I hope) ;) From this point on the landscape starts to change slowly but surely and before you know it those huge mountains are in sight. I will tell you this: the Colorado sign is no lie, but I'll show you a little bit more in the next post. It is really pretty, you just wait and see!

Have you seen The Wizard of Oz?

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