Saturday, December 31, 2011

Funny redneck t-shirts

On the way back from Pennsylvania, US, we stopped for dinner. Adjacent to the restaurant is a little store that sells a little something of everything: spoons, t-shirts, mugs, other items of clothing, key rings, also including some local arts and crafts. In my opinion the items that are less commercial often makes for better souvenirs. I rather enjoyed the collection of Redneck t-shirts. (They were covered with glass, causing the light to reflect, and I battled to get good pictures regardless of the angle.)

See which one you like best :)   

Personally, I like the one in the middle best. 
He may not wear diapers but I think we should have bought that one for Lil' M ha-ha
Garett - a hunter himself - thought this one particularly amusing.
Guilty until shot (and served for dinner) lol
Ever happen to run into one of these?
I've certainly had my moments; haven't we all?
Redneck Electrician: Shocking what you can do with a little duct tape! 
Hey! That's what the plumber also said! ha-ha
Hope they had LOTS to drink! (Then again, does it make a difference what they've had to drink?...) Either way I don't think I want them coming to my rescue any time soon ;)

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