Sunday, May 8, 2011

American Idol: create or imitate?

Haley Reinard, the American Idol who tried something new tonight – an unreleased song by Lady Gaga. This was going to be interesting... So what did the judges have to say?

All three judges agreed that it was rather risky to try something that no one has ever heard before. What does that mean?

So no one well known has sung it and made it famous. That means no one knows what the song is supposed to sound like and therefore they can’t judge how well it was imitated. Is that accurate? There is nothing to compare it to...

Sometimes it would seem that they are not looking for new creative ability but rather a younger Whitney Houston, Madonna, etc. - looking to see how good you imitate rather than create.

I have not watched most of the Idol competitions before, but often, when I eventually heard the winner sing on the radio, he or she sounded like most of the other voices that you hear on the radio today. In fact, unless someone draws my attention to the fact that this person was the new Idol winner, I would have confused them with someone whom I’ve been hearing for a long time already.

Now maybe, on the one hand, it says something about how well they sing – that I could confuse them with an experienced artist. On the other hand it also says that it is nothing fresh, except that it is younger talent.

Then again... how many unique voices are out there? Maybe it is also combined – in a big way – with personality, appearance, stage presence, the particular song, genre, etc.

The public definitely have their role to play, I’d say; the voice of the masses. At least now the choice is not up to the chosen two or three. I’d say it makes it fair, but even so, I can’t help but wonder.

Does the public vote because someone sang one of their favorite songs, or was it because they think the chick is good looking or the guy is sexy? Do you vote for someone because you like their outfit or...

Do they vote because music is artistically and skilfully delivered?

Is that even the right reason...?

Oh, who knows... what do you think? Point is, SIXTY MILLION of the American public voted after the last program... five contestants left. At this point it is getting hard to choose... there’s some awesome talent there for sure!


  1. I'm enjoying this season, and I think Haley did a good job with that first unreleased song. Does Scotty remind you of that guy from the Mad Magazine cover, Alfred E Neuman?

  2. TRACY: Yes, I agree. I didn't like the song, perse (not a big Lady Gaga fan), but I thought she pulled it off well - took guts, and in the end her fearless confidence counted in her favor. Her 2nd song for the night was brilliant! I think she's going to be amongst the top 3. You are SO right about Scotty haha - he is definitely my personal favorite! No matter what happens... He's going places for sure!

  3. CINDY: A p-r-e-t-t-y big number, yes! (and that's only the American audience... I don't think anyone else can vote the way they explain it...) Even if you don't win you can still find comfort in that at least a million people in the US must like you ;) And if each one of them buy your album you can still be successful in a singing career! hmm...