Monday, May 2, 2011

Sprite a la Gucci

We went there to buy Sprite (cold drink) and we left with Gucci (eau de parfum)!

The local fish and chip shop turned out to be much more resourceful than I would have ever imagined. One moment we were piling the counter with chips, chocolates, ice cream and cold drink, the next the cashier had a little tin out with tiny blue tubes. It took a few seconds (and a few sniffs) for me to realize that they were miniature perfume testers. Who would have thought eau de parfum at a fish and chip shop?

I think it is fair to say that I’m sniffing my inspiration from a perfume bottle haha.

So there we were, like a bunch of kids in a candy store, crowding the counter, passing the little tubes to each other, smelling, crunching up our noses and comparing ‘notes’ :) For a moment there the candy stash on the counter was completely forgotten.

After smelling, smelling again, and just once more to make doubly sure we reached a conclusive decision about the best fragrance. Now the smell of salt and vinegar reminded us again where we were.

We went into the shop stinkies. We came out of the shop smelling like twinkies :) ...oh! almost forgetting the cold drink on the counter... the whole reason why we went in the first place ;o)

Thanks to my friend I’ll be smelling like a twinkie for a while to come still :o)

When last did you go shopping for one thing and left with something you didn’t quite intend to buy? What did you get instead?


  1. Goodness, Gucci in the chippie? Well I never!

  2. You'd better believe it, Cin! Good luck with your workload today :)

  3. Too funny! I was invited to a "hat" lunch this weekend so I've been looking around in stores to buy a hat. I'm not a hat kind of person, so I've been walking out of stores with everthing BUT a hat.

  4. I'm not really a hat person either, but if you find a good book you might tie it on with a string. Does that count? haha