Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bumbling ducks on the Dancing Stage

Dancing Stage Max – what fun (and a good workout)! Haha

How does it work? It is a Playstation game which requires a mat instead of a joy stick and, following the arrows on the screen, and in step with the music, you are required to step on the corresponding arrows on the mat. Whether one would call it dancing... hmmm – that’s debatable! Haha Maybe it has something to do with playing it in socks (as to not damage the mat)... Who knows? ;)

Catering for beginners to the more advanced the game offers a wide variety of levels and rhythms to step to, and, whether you have two mats or just one, it can make for endless hours of fun in a group with family or friends. And, if you’re really good, you can even sing along, but sometimes the mouth and the feet don’t quite want to co-operate.

I used to be quite the sore loser when I was younger. M-A-N, it sucks the fun right out of everything, doesn’t it? When you’ve heard it a few times, “Remember, winning is not everything”, you tend to start thinking, “YEAH RIGHT!! Then why does the winner look so happy, huh? (huh? huh?...)”

Hey, show me someone who likes to lose ;) It is not exactly a warm and fuzzy feeling, is it? Luckily, as I grew older, I realized that, yes, winning is not everything. Having fun while you kick but is more important! Haha (...and yes, not taking it personally when it is your but being kicked... ;) Sometimes it takes courage to be willing to look like a fool, but if you’ve given it your best shot... hey, there are times when it matters more that you tried, right?

Two things to remember: (1) Do your best, and (2) don’t give up. (Then again, don’t wait for your but to be kicked till you have a shiner (blue eye)... haha Try long enough for you to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are, but try to at least hang on to your dignity. Haha

And... if you have fun you tend to naturally fare better at something than when you’re not. Don’t forget to laugh.

Hey, sometimes working up a good sweat is perfect camouflage for tears, but today would have been tears of laughter as we peddled water like bumbling ducks to the beat of Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – all awhile desperately trying to hold on to at least some of our dignity and most of our coolness ;)

For someone who's not 'big on' Playstation and computer games this was the most fun I’ve had in a while :)


  1. I can see you doing this ... sounds like you had fun! This made me laugh (bittersweet)cause I wish I was there yo see it ;)

  2. It rates you AAA-E when you're done, and it is quite tricky to get to a B... Ah, eventually we just had fun - who cares!? - I sure did, anyway! :) So from now on D stands for Dell Done and B for Brilliant! haha

  3. Glad you had some fun and laughs :)

  4. That sounds so fun! I tried something similar once...and laughed really hard watching other people try it.

  5. Can be tricky, Tracy, especially when you pick a fast song. But the more you do it, the better you become at it. It's a very good for coordination and a fun way to get some exercise :)