Friday, May 20, 2011

Cold feet, a beanie bag and a sizzling hot affair

If you had to walk through your home tomorrow and you could only pick a handful of items that you wanted to take with you out of everything you own: What would you pick?

I watched an Oprah episode once where she had a bit of a ‘show and tell’ for all her favorite items/products. Each member of the audience received a hamper with one of each in it. What a lucky audience! Some of the items were really great!

Unfortunately I was not in that audience, but I’ve had to pick a handful of items from my home a few months ago. Recently I’ve had a look at those again and realized just how much of it actually tells a story. So I’ve decided to do a few posts on my favorite things.

It’s official: We are undoubtedly on the downhill slide toward winter, or so my cold feet inform me. Every year around this time my beanie bag and I have a sizzling hot affair.

You heat the bag with the beans in the microwave for three minutes and then cover it in the fleece jacket so you don’t get burnt. It’s hot and it beats the conventional hot water bag by far (if you ask me), PLUS, it is safer.

The other thing I love about it is how you can drape it any way or shape you want to or need to. Heat can work wonders to sooth pain. Although it is not guaranteed to sooth all kinds of pain in the neck, it works beautiful for the physical kind by draping the warm bag like you would a swim towel (for example).

So what’s the story behind it? A few years ago a friend and I took a road trip. We stayed at his mom’s for a few nights and, you’ve guessed it, it was winter, it was c-o-l-d. She warmed her bean bag for me - it was love at first sight! The moment I got back home I had to have one. She had a chocolate brown fleece cover, but I preferred the blue :)

I noticed it in the shop after our visit, but had she not had one I might not even have noticed it on the shelf, even if it jumped out and bit me. So almost every time I warm it up I think of that trip, that chocolate brown bag that kept my feet warm and the good memories of that adventure that I will never forget.

How do you stay warm in winter?


  1. Oh dear ... dear! That time of year again for you, I hope the affair is a fleeting one! As you learned from your stay .... I turn up the heat ;) I know that is not an option for you at the moment. Stay warm.. savor your affair…. I’m not the jealous type ;)

  2. The winter years of my life - literally haha

  3. It really does work for pain. I made my own, from a long woolly sock.

  4. I used to have constant burning pain in my neck and shoulders from stress. Didn't have the beanie back then. Odd that now that I have the remedy I haven't had the problem in yonks haha - gratefully so ;) What kind of beans did you put inside, Cindy? I couldn't find that out yet.