Monday, May 9, 2011

Grey's Anatomy musical and gravity

If you don't wear your seat belt and you smash into the back of a stationary truck gravity will do things to you that you won't like. In a different way humans also gravitate - emotionally - creatures created to relate.

How often do we go through life facing challenges and feeling alone; yearning to know that we are not? I’m slowly drawing the conclusion that, because of this need, we find ourselves continuously gravitating toward that which we feel we can relate to, that which we feel identify with us (or us with it) at any particular point on our journey, whether it is a friend, a book, a poem, a passage, a song... Something that says what we don't know how to say, or something that echos what we are saying, or something that describes how we feel.

I have heard a thousand songs and some even many times over. Yet I still find it odd how the meaning of a song can change depending on the context in which you hear it. Tonight I watched Grey’s Anatomy. From what I understand there is two episodes in season 7 which are musicals and tonight was the first one. I was so impressed by the cast! What a bunch of talented actors – there’s some beautiful voices there – my personal favorite being Dr Calliope "Callie" Torres played by Sara Ramirez.

My two favourite songs I have heard many times before but they’ve never really caught my attention. However, after they were used in the Grey’s Anatomy musical – in context with the story line that is currently playing out – it really made the songs come to life for me. For the first time they actually told a story and for the first time I really heard the lyrics. I don’t think I’ll forget them easily now, even if only fondly remembering them in a show that I think is one of the best ever!

I’m gravitating toward that which makes me feel strangely comforted/encouraged now... I’m not alone... someone out there (probably many other someone’s) have felt the way I do at times... and it’s going to be ok...

Just a little bit of background: At the end of episode 17 (season 7) there is a pregnant doctor, a marriage proposal and a car crash. Episode 18 deals with the injured, pregnant doctor and how the battle to save her and the unborn baby affects everyone’s lives. It is also about her own fight for survival; her will to live, and why it is a fight that is worthwhile. These are my two favorite songs from tonight's episode:

Just Breath (originally sung by Anna Nalick)
I was made for you (originally sung by Brandi Carlile)

Do you have any songs that you’ve heard a hundred times and then – one day – it was as if your heart suddenly heard them; opened up to them for the very first time?


  1. What a great write ... I really enjoyed this one and could most certainly relate / understand.

  2. Yes, 'Baby what a big surprise' by Chicago :)

  3. Thank you, Garett :) What is a song(s) that has significant meaning to you?

  4. That's a good song, Cindy - literally as old as I am :) Chicago sings a few good songs; I like the band.

  5. Shoe, I not only have one but many so where to begin..... My Immortal by Evenesance is one that has a very personal meaning. Another is Addicted by Kelly Clarkson.... again a very personal meaning and experiance. Then there is also Angel (Arms of an angel) by Sarah McLachlan.

  6. Ooh, yes! That third one has some meaning for me too. You're right, Immortal... it is often not just one. When it becomes a good few one tends to forget - I do anyway, till I hear it again and it reminds me again :) I especially don't mind forgetting the sad ones of sad times.

  7. Styx and I have absolutely no idea why. Great post today, Liane!

  8. Thanks, Tracy :) That has happened to me as well - "no idea why". Odd, isn't it?