Monday, May 30, 2011

Taking wrinkles to the (Steam) X-treme

The power is out... Oh well, instead of getting wrinkled with frustration I choose to rather ponder on some more of my favorite things :)

A few people commented on my last post (Hung out to dry) that ironing wasn’t quite their “thing”. I didn’t have to think long and hard to know what my next post would be about.

I used to feel the same until I bought my Steam X-treme! It was the first product that I ever bought – that I can remember – after seeing it advertised on television. I am not a marketing consultant’s dream come true. I don’t believe the “If you buy this all your problems will magically disappear” mumbo-jumbo, I don’t merely buy an item because it is eye level on the shelf and, because I’m so tall, I can usually reach the item I want even if it is out of reach of the average height shopper (which has been the case on the odd occasion). I am not a “go with the flow” type of “gal” either; I like to make up my own mind – makes me feel empowered to make decisions. Sometimes I stand amazed at the nonsense people will fall for that makes other people billionaires. If you’re not strong I suppose it pays to be smart... or sometimes – should I say – sly. Beautiful can also work... ;)

But the Steam X-treme... it was everything it said it would be and I love it!!

The box says: “Better than ironing! Faster, safer and easier...” – Crease free clothes in seconds – Effortless (no pressing required) – Perfect for corduroy, tweed or wool – No salt required – Won’t burn or scorch delicate fabrics! – Ready to use in seconds – Doesn’t leave that “iron shine” - - and all of it is true!!

You can use it on an ironing board like you would a normal iron, OR – and this you can’t do with a normal iron – you can steam something on the hanger. Needless to say the brochure warns against trying to iron someone while you are wearing it; the steam might burn you. Some people confuse humans with coat hangers. You can never be too careful or someone might just sue you ;)

Finally I was able to iron seems on my pants that needed it (whereas before I always ironed my clothing inside out. Finally I was able to steam those items that I would never, ever put an iron to – no more worries about delicate fabrics, but neither did I have any hassles with tough materials such as jeans. I’ve even helped a few friends move house and we could steam curtains on the rail!

A few years back I bought mine for R60. At one time it was advertised for R200. It is clear that it didn’t work out well from seeing it priced again at R150 just this weekend.

The only way I think they can ever improve this product is if it were to be cordless!

A well travelled friend of mine gave me some interesting advice a while ago which is based on a similar concept. If you travel and you don’t own one of these magnificent “magoodies” it helps to hang your outfit on a coat hanger in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help de-crease your outfit so you won’t have to look like you’ve just climbed out of a suitcase. Gee! Why didn’t I think of that?

If all else fails there is a model available on Amazon (Italsteam) that is adapted for electrical outlets around the world and in a compact shape easily squeezable into a suitcase without causing you to have to leave your favorite pair of shoes behind. Now you can look good from head to toe, whether suitcase or closet!


  1. I invested in the 'Handy Steam Butler' a few years back, marvelous for steaming clothing and it cleans anything too :)

  2. Looks rather handy indeed, Cindy. The great thing about the steam - that I like - is that the steam kills a lot of germs when you clean, as well as it is a lot more friendly on the environment and on humans instead of some of the chemicals that we find on the market today.

  3. I remember this dilemma well .... Did the item we finally found work as well, I forget? Anyway maybe a "few" extra items to squeeze in this time. One thing is for sure ... if your here and you want to get wrinkles out just walk outside ... the heat & humidity will take care of that problem real fast


  4. Yes, it did, 'Anonymous G' :) The only difference is that the Italsteam uses salt, whereas the Steam X-treme doesn't. Otherwise I was well pleased :)