Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hung out to dry

I am not the world’s most eager house keeper but when it comes to doing laundry... I am more pedantic than anyone I know. I firmly believe that how you take care of your clothes determine how long you will be able to enjoy your best looks.

One of the ways to take really good care of your clothing is determined by how you iron it. Did you know that ironing it on the outside can cause the color of your garments to fade, and how many people do you know who have a story about a burnt garment?

My ironing ‘allergy’ has caused me to fall madly in love with coat hangers. YES, coat hangers! Anything that can dry on a coat hanger does! This has several benefits, so listen and learn boys and girls ;) (1) The clothes keep their shape better – don’t you just hate a stretched (especially) t-shirt or top that pulls a funny face? and (2) If it dries this way it automatically require less ironing, so depending on the fabric clothes can be hung away as soon as it’s dry. What an awesome time saver, right? And you don’t have to look like you’ve crawled out of a laundry basket either. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Hangaway.

Before I discovered the Hangaway I was a big fan of the ironing hook – a triangular metal hook that fits over the top of a door. The problem with the hook is that without a door you’re lost, but the Hangaway stands alone, so you can put it inside or outside. You can use it to dry clothing on, or you hang your ironing on it. It comes in really handy on a rainy day when you still need to do some laundry. Tomorrow doesn’t wait for the sun, you know. A girl’s got to dress fabulously, come rain or shine; This girl anyway ;)

Another wonderful benefit is that it can hang thirty coat hangers; this beats the ironing hook hands down and it doesn’t even have to take up a lot of space when you’re not using it. The Hangaway folds away into something small enough to hide in your broom closet, or behind a door or a corner in your scullery. Can anyone out there be as excited as I am over a Hangaway?!

This one, I’m glad to announce, can be found anywhere in the world thanks to Amazon!

What is the story behind this one? If you’ve read my post Cold feet, a beanie bag and a sizzling hot affair then you know about my road trip with a friend a few years ago. His mother was a real sweet lady with some awesome ideas! You can only imagine what I did the moment I got home ;)

If you live in SA and you’re interested... visit a Boardmans. If you can’t get to one of those or you’re one to shop around and compare... then visit Amazon...And you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure ;)


  1. Laundry is my least favorite chore. I've resorted to sending my husband's shirts to the cleaners because I HATE to iron. Never heard of the hangaway before - need to check it out!

  2. I have never been sorry, Tracy. I think the only thing I like about ironing when I do have to do it, is the visible results: Now you see a wrinkle, now you don't! Probably the same reason why I don't necessarily mind dishes... within reason, of course ;) haha

  3. Cindy, I remember melting my satin winter pajamas when I was still in high school. It was the first pair of satin pajamas I have every owned. It took a long time for me to get over, but I think that was the beginning of my transformation about ironing. That and the long time standing on your feet of course... I have to admit I can think of better things I'd rather do with my time :)