Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Day Honesty Blogging Dare - Catch-up (Day 2)

The 30 Day Honesty Blogging dare is hosted by Tom Baker. Pop on over and check out his blog, including a list of the other participants.

Day 2: Not including food, blogging or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)...

Hmm... guilty... I feel guilty about way too many things, and in 2012 I am determined to be rid of some of that guilt. 

Lately I'd have to say I feel guilty about spending money on just about anything that is not a life or death situation or need. I've got a bit trapped in preparing for tomorrow, so when I crave a chocolate, I wonder whether I shouldn't rather put an extra liter of petrol in the car - after all, I have to get to work. When I think about going to the salon and having my hair done, I'm calculating how many meals I can buy with that money (despite feeling washed out when I look in the mirror). When I see a pair of shoes I like - and I don't buy shoes easily - I'm calculating how I can add that to my cell phone bill a the end of the month instead - one has to be responsible and prepare for tomorrow, right? I just despise the pressure of flipping pennies to try and pay my bills - very basic bills, may I add. Any less might be what it is like to be an orphan or a homeless person - and then I feel guilty for wanting anything nice when there are so many orphans and homeless people on the planet.

In writing this blog, I'm just reminded how tired I am of my new buddy Breadline. I think it is time for our paths to part.

Speaking of which, I feel like chocolate. I'll walk to the store, how's that? Naaah! I'll drive!  

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