Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Days Blogging Dare - Catch-up (Day 6)

The 30 Days Honesty Blogging dare is hosted by Tom Baker. Pop on over and check out his blog, including a list of the other participants in this fun challenge.

Day 6: My worst cooking disaster involved ________________ and this person/these people...

A question like this really makes me take a long, hard look at my life and then I realize that I don't have the stories to tell like others do. I haven't cooked for many people in my life - there haven't been many around. I've been the single one and others have had husbands and families, so everything usually revolves around them, their homes, their cooking, their families. It is not that hard to mess up a meal for one. It doesn't require cook books and foreign recipes or strange ingredients. What is there to mess up, really?

I'd have to say that the worst disasters for me involved burning the carrots, and no one else.  (If you've added a little sugar to the carrots, then the sweet turns into a horrible bitter; I hate it when that happens, not forgetting the smell that can take a while to get rid of - a dead give away should there be a knock on the door.)

It's been a long while since that happened, so this post is short and the carrots have been sweet.

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