Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Days Honesty Blogging Dare - Day 25

This 30 Days Honesty Blogging dare is hosted by Tom Baker. Hop on over and check out this blog, including a list of the other participants in this fun - and sometimes challenging - dare.

Day 25: My biggest pet peeve that has nothing to do with blogging, being online, computers or anything else related to the internet is...

Hmm... pet peeve... defines it as your favorite minor complaint (when something or someone's actions really irritate you and you just can't stand it; it could be irrational and not annoy anyone else; it can be different for everyone.)

Without over thinking this question, I'd have to say I get really (and often) peeved with people who behave as if they're on the planet alone. Some examples of this:

Source: SKN Vibes
Some may think this is funny; I wonder from the point of view of the person on the lawn. Why don't you get out and let me drive; see how you like them apples?!

  • Someone who drives in a way that blocks a 5 lane highway; not overtaking, not falling back, just head-on-head (especially when I really need to get around them);
  • People in a mall who have family/group meetings right in the middle of the walkway at month-end when the whole city is trying to get their affairs in order;
  • Someone who sees just how long they can take to ring up one item at a cashier with ten customers and fifteen trolleys in cue.
  • Drunken drivers for whom it is more important to have another drink than to consider the life of another person who gets killed in a car accident - over a beer/shot/glass of wine?
  • Someone who throws their trash out of the car window while driving. (Who do you think is going to pick it up, fool??!! Could you seriously not wait till you got to the next trash can?)
  • A person who blocks the way for everyone who wants to turn on a flickering arrow at a traffic light when there is no one else on the road (who wants to carry on straight anyway) and they could have moved out of the way, but instead they had a "everyone can wait for me" attitude. And then the arrow stops flickering... at midnight... in a 'smash-'n-grab' hot spot... the last place on the planet where you want to be a sitting duck...

MAN oh MAN!! I want to yell at them that everything above the neck does matter; use it!! But then I have to calm myself down because getting upset only causes my blood pressure to rise; what a waste of energy; it's just not worth it :( Is it still considered a "minor complaint"? ;) 

Just writing about this gets me all wound up; breath, Liane, breath.

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