Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Days Honesty Blogging Dare - Day 24

This 30 Days Honesty Blogging dare is hosted by Tom Baker. Hop on over and check out his blog, including a list of the other participants in this fun - and sometimes challenging - dare.

Day 24: Given the choice between having to live the rest of my life without my voice, or living the rest of my life without the ability to hear, I would choose...

Wow! What a tough question. I mean really tough! I pray that I will never in my life have to make this choice for real, but for the sake of answering this question I think I would choose to be without my voice.

One thing is for sure, my world would be a very quiet place, but thankfully I am able to express myself through writing, sign language and playing music. 

I find that many people don't listen too well anymore, so are they even listening now? Have you ever heard people greet each other: "Hi, how are you?" and before the other person can answer, they continue with the conversation. It is because they are rambling off a cliche; they don't care about the answer. That is just what everyone else is saying. Or, if they are polite, they'll let you say how you are, but the answer - more often than not - is "fine, thanks." Another thing that, I guess, everyone is saying. It is not sincere, not honest, not real - not the question, nor the reply. Or have you attempted lately to be more sincere just to find that they politely let you finish and then launch into their conversation, indicating that they clearly did not hear a single word of your sincerity? 
Source: Pennystones 

Have you noticed that people don't really talk anymore - I mean really talk? They arrange gatherings so that they can huddle in a circle with their cell phones, texting empty two-word messages to someone who also has no life outside of cyberspace; who can't string a proper sentence together anymore. One person calls it "business", another calls it "important" and another describes it as "friendship" and don't know how they would ever survive without it. 

Things have also changed in the workplace. Have you noticed that people don't talk anymore beyond "did you get my e-mail?" Or people calling a movie quality time where they sit side by side for two hours, staring at a screen, and heaven help you is you're one of those who talk during the movie. Just imagine sitting there unable to hear anything? What a waste!

I express myself in a wide variety of ways, but for those who don't write (which is most people I know, and excluding text or forwarding e-mails), at least I'll still be able to hear them in case they do have something to say. 

Things I would certainly miss if I couldn't hear is being able to enjoy music and movies (which I love and watch mostly alone anyway), and birdsong when I wake in the morning - definitely bird song.   

If I didn't have a voice I guess I would become a pretty darn good listener, that's for sure!

How about you; which would you choose if you had to?

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